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Each member of Down Fenix Media has a background in narrative filmmaking, and we draw from that knowledge during every project we create. Our three-step process gives you ample opportunity to offer input and direction up front while reserving time and resources to capture a unique vision on screen — your vision.

During each phase of the project, Down Fenix Media provides a comprehensive range of services to take the headache out of planning, scheduling, and budgeting a production. We let you focus on the end goal while we handle all the steps required to make it happen. How does the process work? We've outlined below what you can expect.

media production

At the start of every project, we plan out all of the logistics — including scripts, shooting schedules, locations, actors, and budget. This is the backbone of the project, where your direction plays a critical role in shaping the final outcome. By locking down all changes now, we ensure the rest of the process is efficient and stays within your budget.

Services: Concept Creation, Writing, Budgeting and Scheduling, Casting, Location Procurement, Project Management


With everything planned out, we begin the process of capturing footage, all the "lights, camera, action" stuff you probably think of when you think of media production. During each shoot, we draw upon our filmmaking experience to capture the best possible material. We record enough footage to allow maximum flexibility during post production, ensuring the project’s original vision remains intact.

Services: HD Video Production, Film Production, Audio Production, Music Composition


With filming of the production complete, we edit all the footage and apply the finishing touches. This is where the magic happens, with motion graphics, sound effects, and original music added to create a dynamic media package. The final version is formatted and optimized for your preferred method of distribution.

Services: Editing, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Color Correction, Audio Sweetening/Mixing, Compression for Web/Broadcast

media consulting
new team setup, media coaching


We offer consulting services to organizations wanting to establish a multimedia production department within their company. Each member of Down Fenix Media has helped build one or more production teams from the ground up, with a diverse range of clients including government, higher education, non-profit and for-profit entities. We'll help you with planning, financial and budgeting considerations, workflow best practices, along with guiding you through the early stages of getting the department up and running, setting you up to successfully produce your own professional-quality content.

web design & development
web design services


Your media projects should be seen, and seen in the best possible light. Our team is experienced in designing clean, compelling websites that highlight your visual identity while also clearly communicating the most important information to your clients. We’ll work with you to identify the ultimate goals for your website along with a content strategy to produce the layout, aesthetics, graphics, photos, and copy that will enhance your message.

web development services


Even the best designed websites with outstanding content will still frustrate your clients without careful attention to functionality. Our team has the experience to build you a new site or give your existing site an overhaul, with priority placed on the user experience. We’ll make sure your site loads fast, is compatible with mobile devices, and is optimized to be found through search engines.